17. Course recording

To maximize interaction and engagement during classes and workshops, recordings will be provided to a participant only in exceptional cases. Note that there is an attendance requirement.
1. For virtual sessions, will educational resources be provided online?

Yes. All educational resources will be provided online by Explore La Cité. Please keep pens, pencils, notebooks, and paper handy for activities. The Explore La Cité team will provide further information once you have secured a spot.
2. Are virtual participants eligible for program funding?
Yes. To be eligible for funding, you must meet the criteria for the Explore program. Funding goes directly to the college and covers tuition, teaching resources, workshops, and most of your activities.
3. Will the virtual program run evenings and weekends?
Some activities will take place in the evenings and on weekends. These activities will be optional. The Explore La Cité team will provide you with the daily schedule for the program.
4. Do I have to go to and/or stay at my Explore program location?
For the summer 2021 edition, Explore La Cité will only be delivered online. You will need a computer or tablet, headphones, caméra, microphone, and a good internet connection, ideally high speed.
5. At what time the virtual program will take place?
The virtual program’s schedule will vary from day to day and will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities, from Monday to Friday. Some educational and socio-cultural activities could take place during the day or evening to adapt to various time zones. You will have the information shortly by email.
6. Are there any registration fees?

Yes, and the total amount is $275. Registration fees must be paid directly to the college in order to reserve and confirm your place in the Explore La Cité program.
Exceptionally, for the 2021 edition, the college will reimburse the registration fees in full to participants who complete the program. The refund will be given in the last week of the program.
7. What are the costs of participating in Explore?
Explore is funded by the Government of Canada, allowing most participants to take full advantage of the program without having to worry about the budget.
Here is what is covered by the funding:
- Application fees (it's free!)
- Tuition fees for the program
- Educational resources
- Workshops and cultural activities
Note that the funding will be paid directly to the college and that you will not have to pay out-of-pocket for the program at any time.

8. Will I still receive a per diem or money for my expenses?

Normally, the college gives participants a per diem or an amount of money to cover the costs of meals, activities, bus passes, etc., for the duration of the stay on the college campus. Since the Explore La Cité program will be delivered virtually this year, no per diem or money will be given to participants.
9. Example of the Explore La Cité 2021 program

Class schedule in virtual class and mobile classes
Whether you are at the beginner or advanced level, you should plan around 4 hours/day, or 2 hours of a synchronous virtual classroom with the teacher and 2 hours of interactive workshops with animation. It will be mandatory to participate in the classes and the virtual workshops that will be offered from Monday to Thursday. Friday activities will be optional.
Your day could look like this:
-Synchronous virtual class with thematic         11h00 - 12h00
-Break                                                              12h00 - 12h30
-Synchronous virtual class with thematic         12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
+ afternoon workshops                                     2:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Note that socio-cultural activities are not mandatory and can take place in the evening during the week or on weekends.

10. The Explore La Cité mobile learning experience!

Welcome to Collège La Cité's new mobile learning experience - a better way to learn this summer.
The mobile experience is optimized to give you a complete learning experience that works on any portable device, from anywhere. You can stay connected with your class or participate in your virtual workshop while enjoying the beautiful weather outside!

11. The content of virtual courses and workshops

Dynamic and experienced teachers will teach credit language courses. You will also participate in oral conversation workshops entirely in French with people from across Canada.
12. Exams

With credited courses, of course, there are evaluations involved! These assessments reflect the progress in your language skills over the five weeks. Rest assured - the evaluations are not intense.
13. Studies/homework after class
We want to maximize your time to enjoy the summer, so studies and homework will be limited (around 30 minutes).
14. No scholarship, no problem!

Those who do not qualify for CMEC’s scholarship can still participate in the program by paying the $680.40 tuition + $275 registration fee. The total amount of $955.40 will not be refundable.
15. Socio-cultural activities

Throughout the program, you will discover, from your computer, tablet or smartphone, many museums, attractions, activities and entertainment in Ottawa.
16. Interactions between participants

At La Cité, we understand how important it is to connect with other participants. Therefore, our synchronous classes and workshops will be in small groups to maximize the interaction possible. You will also have the opportunity to engage in our virtual community whenever you want. As in previous years, you will be able to form lifelong friendships with the other participants.
If you have more questions about funding or the Explore program, you can visit the official website here.
If you have questions about the Explore La Cité virtual program or how to pay your registration fees, you can write to us at or contact us at 613-742-2483 or toll-free 1 800 267-2483 extension 2371.